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About Me

I'm George and I'm a Forest Therapy Guide certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

I'm a synthesist, working at the intersections of nature relation and peacebuilding. I'm also a linguist, an avid singer, wild camper and amateur astronomer!

Home is many places for me; at the moment, it's the wild coasts of Vancouver Island in Canada.

I never feel more at home than when I am in the wild. In becoming a Forest Therapy Guide, I answered one of my life's callings, nourished by a profound love for nature and a yearning to support others to rekindle their own connection with the more-than-human world.

Robin Wall Kimmerer once asked "I wonder if much that ails our society stems from the fact that we have allowed ourselves to be cut off from that love of, and from, the land. It is medicine for broken land and empty hearts"

I see Forest Therapy as a vehicle for healing that broken relationship, to see ourselves as part of the natural world again, to honour it and love it, so that we make it our life's commitment to ensure its flourishing and protection. I also deeply believe in the healing the more-than-human-world can gift us to mend broken relationships with ourselves and our communities.

I profoundly believe in this work and look forward to guiding you on one of my walks.

See you in the Forest,


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